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Click the image to view live network & don’t forget to sign up… Bamboo came to mind when dealing with the Caribbean vibes of reggae & dancehall. Therefore I went with bambo being the main partition, along with speakers to represent music and glowing 3D text. This is a social networking site on the ning […]



It may seam like I’ve been slacking lately, but really I’ve been busy setting up everything for Three 29 Design. Yesterday I completed the website (yay!) it has a few projects in it, some with there own section, others which fall under the same category in a in sections with similar projects. Click the image […]

In addition to the flyer for the Longtime promo are two web banners to match… Horizontal Vertical

Not posted anything in a while because I’ve been slacking to try and enjoy my last few days at college… and oohhmiigoshh I’m shattered! I’m starting up work again on Sunday evening, got a few things in store, including a few mixtape covers which should sway towards a more realistic and gritty look to them […]

A college project…

“ I went for a real simplistic and colorful look. The last two times I had quite a boring black and blue and silver style, it reeaally needed a change. Let me know what you think! Click image to view the site ;]