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Three 29 Design is the new name of the company. Please click the image to visit the Three 29 Design Blog as the website is currently under construction. Like I’ve said before I will still run ‘Fraawgz Graphics’ in order to catch the clients who don’t know of the name change etc but all orders […]

Name Change


So right now I’m in the middle of going through a name change. It’s such a long process because I’m actually reasonably well known in the area that I work as ‘Fraawgz’ but it just isn’t working for me anymore. When I ask my clients about changing my name they’re like ‘Noo! Don’t do that, […]

One years experience.

A rant… and thoughts on musicians who waste there talent because spending any money on eye catching digital art and design it’s such a depressing thing to think about doing… Waste of a talent.

As you shop around looking for graphic and/or web design, you’ll undoubtedly have a number in your head that you’re willing to fork out for a brand spanking new page right? But is that number worthy of design? Or is it just a laughable budget? I know not everyone has thousands to spend on design, […]

I’m Back


I’ve been slacking lately purely to enjoy my 2 weeks off college, so I took a few days off and worked a lot slower than usual, but I’m just about back… Just a stack of college work to do for tuesday urgh… fun. I am taking orders for the waiting list, please email for […]