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You may have seen posts about this cover in the works previously in my blog as it was completed a few months ago but now I am able to release it. This cover was a challenge building it from scratch but it’s the style I love, gritty, macabre kind of style which I rarely get […]

Download Trials & Tribulations album from C-Menniz. Also available as a hard copy, you just have to pay for the postage. Support REAL music in all it’s forms and get a copy. Another version jam packed full of extras will also be able to be purchased at a later date. Also view his new myspace […]

Please click the image to be taken to the listen/download page You may be previously seen the cover a few posts down on my blog but now Rock The Nation Sound have released Secret Love 16. So if you’re into dancehall, reggae, r&b and hip hop and appreciate proper remixes you’ll love this installment into […]

Please join the THREE29DESIGN facebook page. You can leave us a comment, view pictures.. and comment those too, leave us a review if we’ve actually worked with you before, and of course contact us or just have a chat. Much appreciated! Just click the image above to be taken to the web page.

Quick one here, vector based, strong colors, glowing lines with strippers to go with ESQ’s new (first ever) single which features Bam Bam ‘Get Fly’. Download the single here or just listen to it on his myspace page is coming soon! *This work was created under Three 29 Design*

I came across this interesting post a few minutes ago from about why Graphic Design is actually a hard job to do when others believe that it’s an overly easy and stress free job especially if you’re freelance from the comfort of you’re own home. This is a quote from the article “Working as […]



Three 29 Design is the new name of the company. Please click the image to visit the Three 29 Design Blog as the website is currently under construction. Like I’ve said before I will still run ‘Fraawgz Graphics’ in order to catch the clients who don’t know of the name change etc but all orders […]