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You may have seen posts about this cover in the works previously in my blog as it was completed a few months ago but now I am able to release it. This cover was a challenge building it from scratch but it’s the style I love, gritty, macabre kind of style which I rarely get […]

It’s Official


A Level Results took place the other day. Last year (my second and last year of college) I took part in an Extended Project Qualification (aka EPQ). An EPQ is a 100% independent study where you have no real help from teachers (other than those who are pets and cheat ahaha) other than progress updates, […]



I can’t believe I’m so busy, 16 orders this week and it’s only Thursday. Therefore there is a waiting list of 1-2 weeks, can’t say for sure how long but if you contact me for an order I will place you on the list (which is taller than myself) and I will contact you as […]

I came across this interesting post a few minutes ago from about why Graphic Design is actually a hard job to do when others believe that it’s an overly easy and stress free job especially if you’re freelance from the comfort of you’re own home. This is a quote from the article “Working as […]



Three 29 Design is the new name of the company. Please click the image to visit the Three 29 Design Blog as the website is currently under construction. Like I’ve said before I will still run ‘Fraawgz Graphics’ in order to catch the clients who don’t know of the name change etc but all orders […]



There is a new name to take over Fraawgz Graphics to give the company a professional edge and to widen the horizons for myself as ‘Fraawgz Graphics’ was chosen in a split second, I should have thought of it more but I never thought I’d get to this point with design! I will still run […]

I’ve never done a post like this before but I think it’s important to show appreciation to other artists who you have been inspired by or just generally love the work of. So I’ll start up a series of posts with some notorious movie posters. I honestly don’t know who is responsible for making them, […]