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I know my blog gets a lot of hits from people who are looking for SoundClick layouts so I thought I’d make a post dedicated to them. Firstly you should go to as this blog is very very oollld! In order to have a SoundClick layout you must have the VIP page from SoundClick […]

This ones for S.Con, she’s looking after the artists she promotes quite nicely! Here’s the full page advert for a magazine. This month Chromatics has the spot. You may have seen the previous Science of Colors Mixtape, if not… check him out! Download Single | Book 4 Shows | Check out Chromatics

Here’s an advert to promote three 29 design in the November issue of The Crewe Link, a small book with adverts for many local businesses. Trying my hand at local work, but I do love the overseas work more 🙂 I also have a matching twitter background. note: number has been removed for obvious reasons.

Here’s a newspaper advert for There will be a few different sizes and versions of this design being used for advertisements. The idea came in my sleep.. it revolves around ‘Don’t fall victim to a tintin’ cowboy…’

Click image to view full size. Second in the Mini Adventures series. Ahh green pastures. View Adventure number 1 here.

Hummer Advert


Click to view full size.