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I know my blog gets a lot of hits from people who are looking for SoundClick layouts so I thought I’d make a post dedicated to them. Firstly you should go to as this blog is very very oollld! In order to have a SoundClick layout you must have the VIP page from SoundClick […]

Another SoundClick here! They’re very popular… This one is for Q-Beatz Productions. Click the image below to view the live page. Of course… Jes is on the coding.

Here we have mixtape artwork for C-Menniz’s drop, ‘Trials and Tribulations’ He wanted it to show pain and struggle, and I didn’t want to go with the same ol’ kind of concept…



Three 29 Design is the new name of the company. Please click the image to visit the Three 29 Design Blog as the website is currently under construction. Like I’ve said before I will still run ‘Fraawgz Graphics’ in order to catch the clients who don’t know of the name change etc but all orders […]

Here’s the completed artwork for Sage Bravo’s ‘The Trial Mixtape’ which is out NOW.

This post is intended for those who are interested what actually goes into making a cover (…or generally anything on photoshop I guess) and/or wonder if things are actually made from scratch sometimes or are just a picture blended with an image. It’s cut down a hell of a lot and only shows 12 steps.. […]