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I know my blog gets a lot of hits from people who are looking for SoundClick layouts so I thought I’d make a post dedicated to them. Firstly you should go to as this blog is very very oollld! In order to have a SoundClick layout you must have the VIP page from SoundClick […]

This SoundClick layout for Ice Cold Music follows a different look compared to the other ones I’ve created. This style is called an overlay which scraps the regular look of a SoundClick page making it even more custom. To finish it off there’s a subtle flash banner. Again the coding is done by Jes. Click […]

Click the image above to view the live page… and add it of course ;] This is an overlay layout and is temporary until I gain the time to create a new one which goes all out. It’s a BIG job switching names, I’ll have to attempt to add all the friends of my old […]

Click the image to view live page Note: The advertisement for a song download is not yet complete, just waiting on a proper link. Client wanted a dark page with parts in red and text in a metalic style. Something simple yet eye catching. Voilla. This is a DIV overlay.

Three myspace layout packages for those of different budgets.


The full DIV Overlay with Flash banner of new entertainment company: Luxury Entertainment