Rap Legends


Yes… the stock has already been warn out and is old but I don’t give a flying f*** because in art there are no rules, rights or wrongs. For those who don’t know the stock is from the I Am Legend poster.

This is not a client cover, just something personal, because I wanted to brush up on blending, placement and shadows. It’s not flawless but I allow myself a certain amount of time on personal work because I have too much client work to get through. It’s just that after months of working with clients it’s nice to just sit back, and relax whilst on photoshop, like I used to when I was still learning.

Looks grainy? Low quality? Etc…
It’s meant to. It’s supposed to have a vintage feel to it via the use of multiple textures.

What They’re not legends!?
Well to be honest the only one there whose a Legend in my eyes is Ice Cube however he’d look a little lonely if it was only him so I added a few others which I’ve heard people consider legends.

I guess Eminem is pretty much a legend for putting up with all the shit he used to get for being white. And cus his lyrics are straight dope. Although his last album completely fell off. Proof kinda blew up after his death but died down pretty quick again, r.i.p. Kanye… I guess he’s a legend in his own spoilt eyes lol. Maybe a complete ledge for having his strops in the media’s eyes. Game has potential. Wayne… i hate wayne… mumbling piece of s*** – but plenty of people seam to like listening to his whining voice.


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